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Gotham Hoops


The 1st annual Midtown Madness was hosted at Martin Luther King, Jr. Educational Campus on Saturday and featured a wealth of promising prospects from the New York City-area.





Behind Lincoln Center, at the heart of a semicircle of tall brick buildings with a dome of leafy trees, on the dull playground of the Amsterdam Houses, the basketball league playoffs were underway. From Our Advertisers Youth basketball has been a tradition in this public space on the Upper West Side since at least the 1960s, when Samuel N. Bennerson II, whose name is engraved on a sign along the iron gate, created the Betterment League.




Future home of Positive Influence


Summer 2017 Positive Influence Basketball Classics will have a brand new park.  Click here to view pictures of the new park.

Positive Influence Basketball Classic


NEW YORK, NY - The Positive Influence Basketball Classic, which runs a summer league in Midtown Manhattan, had its All-Star Game on Friday night, with a ton of NYC's top H.S. talent on the court showcasing their games for the last time this summer on the blacktop.



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